Monday, November 22, 2004

More loops

  1. flash01-03-02_2
  2. flash030204_3
  3. flash030204_3b
  4. flash030207_7
  5. flash030215_13
  6. flash030219_5
  7. flash030318_13
  8. flash030607_3
  9. flash030623_2
  10. flash030706
  11. flash030707
  12. flash030711_5
  13. flash030711_7
  14. flash030725_3
  15. flash030725a_5
  16. flash030730_7
  17. flash030828_4a
  18. flash030828_4b
  19. flash030831_10
  20. flash030905_5
  21. flash040105
  22. flash040109b_6
  23. flash040602_5
  24. flash040902_3
  25. flash040902_3b
  26. flash041025_2
  27. flash041111_5
  28. flash041119
  29. flash041120
  30. flash041120b_5
  31. flash04-17-02

Ok, so instead of doing something more productive like homework, I decided to aggregate all my loops. I did get something done. My critique for mo co-op presentation. Anyway, here they are. I still have a few missing due to a computer move, but most of them are here. I don't have time to critique every loop I have, so I'll just start from every new one I make.

You may be wondering what is up with the numbers. Well it's the date. Year, month, and day followed by a revision number. Two aren't using the format because those are old. The good thing about using this format is that I can track my progression and see what trends I'm going through. Like right now, I'm sampling, using vstis, and plugins. A few months ago, I was strictly taking loops from other songs (sampling). A year ago, it was sounfonts. The genre that I adhere to varies from electronic to eclectic to hip-hop. As you can see (hear), right now it's hip-hop.


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