Sunday, November 21, 2004

Loop Update

  1. flash030215a_3
  2. flash040126
  3. flash040126a
  4. flash040218_10
  5. flash040302
  6. flash040306_3
  7. flash040324_3
  8. flash040415
  9. flash040501
  10. flash040501_3
  11. flash040126
  12. flash040515_7
  13. flashihateelevator

here are some loops i made throughout this past year. i still have a lot more to post up before putting up the new ones.

one thing that pissed me off last year was when the site that i submitted my loops to suddenly went down with no explanation. i had aggregated a large portion of my loops on that site and now i have to create all of it over again. damn you! on a lighter note, i recently did a search on my name on google and found one of my loops on a japanese site. cool.


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